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Season 1

  1. Sep 13
  2. Sep 20
  3. Sep 27
  4. Oct 4
  5. Oct 11

Poro Points (Updated 9/20/23)

A fun and chaotic way of climbing the leaderboard! Instead of progressing by winrate and K/D/A, players will progress by doing ARAM-centric tasks such as feeding poros or getting executions.

5 Points for

  • 🍰 Having at least 1 poro explosion in the game! Some tips on the about page

4 Points for

  • πŸ‘‘ Winning the game within 15 minutes

  • πŸ˜‡ Being a K/D/A perfectionist! End the game with 0 deaths, executions don't count!

2 Points for

  • βœ… Winning the game after 15 minutes

  • πŸ”« Scoring at least 1 pentakill

1 Point for

  • πŸ€‘ Every full item in your inventory at the end of the game. You aren't helping your team if you don't have items!

  • ☠️ Getting executions. Max 3 points, worth 0 with K/D/A perfectionist. Die under tower/fountain without giving anyone a kill

  • 🀝 Every teammate with at least 1 pentakill

  • 🏳️ Losing the game

*** For this first season Poro Points may be adjusted mid season for balancing reasons. Some examples of adjustments we may make: A cap on receiving execution points or changing the points awarded for winning the game. Points will be updated retroactively if this does happen, which could cause shifts in the leaderboard. ***