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โ–ถ FORMAT OF PLAY โ–ถ๏ธ

Basics: We play every Monday during the season at 7PM CT sharp. Players have committed during sign-up to attend each week of the season unless they have shared that they need a week off as a โ€œbyeโ€. Each game night we will play five games over the course of the night, in either No-build Trios or Squads, depending on attendance.

Voice Chat: We will be using the Discord voice chat for all games. In order to support our mission of creating relationships and being a social league, voice chat will be REQUIRED during game nights!

Naming Convention: Your name in Discord should match your nickname in Fortnite so we can more easily identify one another.

Team Selection: We hand-make teams through skill based matchmaking.

๐ŸŽฎ Game Night Logistics ๐ŸŽฎ 

Day of: League Managers will reach to each player signed up to confirm their attendance. We expect players to confirm their attendance by replying to the message by 5PM CT.

6:50 - 6:55 PM CT: All players show up the Fortnite Lobby VC.

7:00PM CT: Subs are found for missing players

7:05PM CT: Announcements begin.

7:10PM CT: Games begin!

Notify if Late: If you will be up to 10 minutes late, we need a minimum one hour's notice so we don't replace you with a sub If you do not notify us, and you are late, a sub will be found for you promptly at 7PM CT. If a sub is confirmed before you arrive, you will forfeit your spot for the evening as the sub has given up their time to help get the night started for everyone else.


Positive Attitude: Social deduction games are meant to involve deception, targeted murder, lying, shadiness, persuasion, and strategy (which are all the point of this game and what makes it fun!) However, this can and has easily led to heated moments, hurt feelings, or rage quits. Therefore, it is imperative to separate the game from reality, have a strong mental, treat people with respect, and consistently prioritize your and others fun throughout the evening.

Pitfalls: The following behaviors are pitfalls to avoid in order to keep the atmosphere amazing and fun for all: voting an individual out repeatedly without merit (target kicks), consistently interrupting during deliberations, staying focused during deliberations, giving consistent feedback without consent on gameplay tactics (everyone plays their own way!)

Tribunal: To address infractions to general sportsmanship, and to handle serious concerns as shared by the leadership team, or fellow players, we have implemented a 3 strike system. After the first infraction, the player will receive a typed message with a direct explanation of the infraction. After the second, the league managers will host a restorative conversation with the player 1:1 over voice chat to address the issue at hand. After the third, player will be disinvited to the league season and will be up for a potential server-wide ban. For especially egregious concerns, we reserve the right to expediate this process.

Toxicity: In order to enable a FUN environment that is welcoming to all, activities such as Card Camping are banned during league games. We also ban killing within the first minute of the game, to allow people time to get established!


Communicate Byes and Late: During sign up, each player has shared the days they cannot make it. However, life happens!. If an additional day appears that you cannot make the league, please try to post in ๐Ÿคขbyes-and-late at least a full 24 hours in advance. This allows mods time to actively plan for everyone else's evening to run smoothly.

No-Call/No-Show: If you are a no-call no-show more than once, we will assume you are no longer interested in playing for the season and you will be removed from the roster.

Leaving Mid-Season: If you decide to leave the league mid season (unless speaking with Lad or Kevin prior), you will not be invited back to play in the following season.

Game Rules Definitions: 

CARD CAMPING: When a team intentionally remains on the exact location where they killed someone to prevent the team from collecting the reboot card, even so far as staying in storm to prevent card collection. Includes placing a bunker or other defensive structures on that area to make it harder to get to the card. Essentially not moving on after the body and area has been looted and teammates have healed from fight. If a team is pushed in a location where someone else died, them staying to fight is not card camping. Looting around the body is not card camping.

This rule does not give you immunity on your way to collect a teammate's card. If you run through another team while going to get the card and you are shot, that is fine!

Example: RegrettablyJake kills MrRaccoon at Rocky Reels. He then goes on to loot the rest of the POI away from where MrRaccoon's card is. This is not card camping.

Example: RegrettablyJake kills MrRaccoon at Rocky Reels. He then goes on to stand right where the card is until it expires. This is card camping.

If you have additional questions, or feel someone is acting in a toxic manner, please reach out to leadership to address it!

STORM CIRCLE: When the bus disappears from the map, 1:00 is added to the clock BEFORE the first storm circle forms. Do not shoot anyone during this minute. If there is a circle on your map, you're in the clear to shoot people!