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Overwatch 2

League Managers: @Jogon and @banty.

Season Overview

Matches begin promptly at 7PM CT. Players who have signed up are expected to attend every week of the season, with an allowance of one week's absence per season. Anyone who is absent more than once will be automatically placed as a substitute in the league's roster (details on substitutes down below).

Each game night will consist of four custom-lobby matches with teams drafted by predesignated captains. A captain's draft will take place each night before 7PM CT to determine the teams.

The CMSA Overwatch League will be taking place entirely over the CMSA Discord Overwatch channels. In order to support our mission of creating relationships and being a social league, voice chat will be required during game nights! If possible, please match your Discord username to your username in Overwatch so we can more easily identify one another.

Game Day Schedule

League Managers will check in with each player the day before league nights (Wednesday) to confirm attendance. The game nights should run as follows:

6:45PM CT: Assigned captains report to the Overwatch Draft VC to draft the teams.

7:00PM CT: Everyone reports to the Waiting Lobby VC where general announcements will be made. Announcements will begin promptly at 7PM, so early attendance is highly encouraged.

7:10PM CT: Teams are announced and players join their respective lobbies (both voice chat and in-game).

If you will be late, we ask a minimum of 30-minutes notice, Unfortunately, if you do not join the lobby by 7:10pm, a substitute will cover you for the night. Failure to communicate tardiness will also result in a substitute covering your spot for the night.

Matches vary in length, and hiccups occur, so please allot yourself enough time to play the full night. Some lobbies may run later than 9PM CT.

Player Responsibilities

As a permanent participant, you are expected to be present each week. If there is a known conflict with one of the league dates and you cannot attend, please mark it on this form down below. Any unexpected conflicts that may arise need to be communicated in the #byes-and-lates text channel with at least a 24-hour notice. This allows the managers time to adjust details accordingly and ensure a smooth evening for all.

Players are allowed only one absence per season.

If you are a "no-call-no-show," we will assume you are no longer interested in playing for the season and you will be removed from the permanent roster.

If you decide to leave the league mid-season (unless speaking with us prior), you will not be invited back to play in the following season.


Non-permanent participants are referred to as substitutes. Subs are not guaranteed a spot in each week's matches. They are drafted, as needed, to help round out lobbies on game nights. Since permanent participants are given priority over subs during the drafting process, some subs may not get to play, even if they are present.

The purpose of substitutes is to avoid the need for AI teammates (bots) in our league as that tends to create a less enjoyable experience. This also alleviates some pressure to those who are interested in partaking in game nights, but may not always be available.

Substitutes do not receive penalty for absences.

Anyone absent for more than one week's games will be automatically removed from the permanent roster and placed as a sub.

If you decide to partake in the CMSA Overwatch League, we hope that you keep in mind our goal to bring LGBTQIA+ gamers a bit closer together and encourage a sense of community and camaraderie.

We do our best to keep things fun and positive, and ask that you try to do the same. Remember that it is a community effort to put this together, so please be respectful of the volunteers who keep these events running.

Feel free to provide us with any constructive feedback, and we hope to provide you with a great experience.