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Dungeons & Dragons

League Manager: @radio_owls
Dungeon Masters: @clementina, @Jayd, @the-sassy-composer, @Tiltary Clinton


Basics: We meet every Saturday during the season at 6:30 p.m. CT sharp. Players have committed to be present each week of the season unless they have shared that they need a week off as a “bye.” Each game night, we will play approximately three hours, with the session being run by your assigned Dungeon Master for the season. If more than two people are not present for a session, the session will be rescheduled if possible.

Season Length: Our first season will begin May 11 and will last for six weeks, ending June 15.

Virtual Tabletops and Communication: Your DMs will provide you with access to the space in which the game will be played. This may be Roll 20, Foundry VTT, Owlbear Rodeo, etc. You must at least use voice chat on game nights in order to communicate with your table, but your DM may ask you to also use video.

Milestone Leveling: We are running a prewritten module designed for groups of specific collective levels with some leeway. To ensure your table does not become too overpowered for the module, we will generally employ milestone leveling according to the recommended level-up points denoted by the modules.


At 6:30 p.m. CT, players and DMs will meet in the D&D VC Lobby to listen to any announcements before leaving to join their respective tables’ VCs. Games will typically begin at 6:40 p.m. 


Positive Attitude: Roleplaying Games are meant to place challenges before players. The way players react and interact with each other can lead to heated moments, hurt feelings, or rage quits. Therefore, it is imperative to separate the game from reality, treat people with respect, and consistently prioritize your and others’ fun throughout the evening.

Pitfalls: The following behaviors are pitfalls to avoid in order to keep the atmosphere amazing and fun for all: working against your fellow players, working “against” your DM, suggesting to another player how their character “should” be played or how a rule “must” be implemented, hoarding treasure and items, hoarding or stealing the spotlight from another character.

Tribunal: To address infractions to general sportsmanship, and to handle serious concerns as shared by the leadership team, or fellow players, we have implemented a 3 strike system. After the first infraction, the player will receive a typed message with a direct explanation of the infraction. After the second, the league managers will host a restorative conversation with the player 1:1 over voice chat to address the issue at hand. After the third, player will be disinvited to the league season and will be up for a potential server-wide ban. For especially egregious concerns, we reserve the right to expedite this process.


Communicate Byes and Late: During sign up, each player agreed to be present for each session. However, life happens! If you find that you have an unavoidable conflict that will cause you to miss league night, please inform your DM at least 24 hours prior to session. This allows your DM to actively plan and rebalance the difficulty of any encounter the characters may face in game. That being said, we ask that players not engage in excessive absences. If a player misses two or more sessions, your DM and League Manager will reach out to ensure the player’s understanding that attendance is imperative, as your fellow players and DM are counting on you to show up! If two or more people are unavailable or do not show up for a session, the session will either be (1) postponed and made up on another date pending agreement by the players and DM or (2) as a last resort, skipped if no agreement can be made about rescheduling. Note that because we allow for byes, your table may not have 100% attendance every session. If your table is missing one player, your DM will adjust encounter difficulty to ensure encounters are balanced. 

No-Call/No-Show: If you are a no-call no-show more than once, we will assume you are no longer interested in playing for the season, and you will be removed from the roster.

Leaving Mid-Season: If you decide to leave the league mid-season without speaking with your DM and @radio_owls first, you will not be invited back to play in following seasons.