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League of Legends

League Managers: @Ladimir (Pearl), @Zangy45 (Ruby)


Basics: We play every Tuesday during the season at 7PM CT sharp. Players have committed during sign-up to attend each week of the season unless they have shared that they need a week off as a “bye”. Each game night, players will compete in 3 Summoner’s Rift games with the same teammates. Expect the evening to last until about 9:30PM CT. 

Teams: Teams will be decided by a private captain’s draft each week prior to play, and after everyone has confirmed their attendance for the week.

Captains: Captains will be designated by league managers based on interest in doing so. Captains will be notified prior to each night of play so they can prepare. 

Side Selection: The Captain with the lower WR% in each match will choose the side they would like to be on in the custom room. Being on the left of the custom room indicates first ban/pick and dragon side of the map. 

Divisions: We have two divisions of play that occur at the same time: Bronze/Silver/mid-Gold level play (Pearl), High-Gold/Plat/Emerald level play (Ruby). Players are placed into a division upon sign up. The first week of play is to hone in on placements, and movement may happen between divisions. 

Moving Divisions: On a case-by-case basis, we can move players between divisions based on player preference up through the second week of the season (if the stats support it). If you would like to switch, please contact Lad or Zangy. 

Prizes: Each season may have a series of prizes attached for things like good sportsmanship, highest assists, most losses, etc. The categories are meant to encourage fun and not cutthroat competition. To qualify for prizes you must be present for at least 18/27 season games, fill out the last week survey feedback form during the open feedback window, and not have any no-call/no-shows. 


 Day of: The moderation team will check in with each player between Sunday/Monday prior to ensure attendance. We require players to confirm their attendance by replying to the message. 

 6:45PM CT: Captains must be present in their division’s corresponding Captains Draft VC, and draft will begin. 

 7:00PM CT: All players MUST be in the League Lobby VC by 7PM CT sharp. Announcements begin right at 7CT so early attendance is highly encouraged. We respect your time so we strive to start on time each week.

 7:10PM CT: Teams are posted and gameplay begins. 

 Notify if Late: If you will be up to 10 minutes late, we need a minimum one hour's notice so you can still be included in the draft. If you do not notify us, and you are late, a sub will be found for you promptly at 7PM CT. If a sub is confirmed before you arrive, you will forfeit your spot for the evening as the sub has given up their time to help get the night started for everyone else. 


Communicate Byes and Late: Life happens. If an additional day appears that you cannot make the league aside from already communicated byes, please try to post in ⁠🤢byes-and-late at least a full 24 hours in advance. This allows Zangy and Lad time to actively plan for everyone else's evening to run smoothly. 

No-Call/No-Show: If you are a "no-call, no-show" more than once, we will assume you are no longer interested in playing for the season and you will be removed from the roster. 

Mid-Season: If you decide to leave the league mid season (unless speaking with Zangy or Lad prior for non-penalized clearance), you will not be invited back to play in the following season. 


Surrendering: Play with the attitude that every game is winnable. Sometimes you end up winning even the hardest of games. Please do not forfeit to preserve your KDA. On the flip side, please do not farm KDA when winning. Play each game to its appropriate extent and with honor! If your team unanimously feels that there is no possible path to winning after 25 minutes of play, you may forfeit ONLY IF all 5 teammates have confidently agreed in advance of /surrender, verbally. If even one player feels they can still win, the rest of the team must rally behind that player and try their best to pull out a win. 

Positive Attitude: League is known to be toxic, and that is NOT who we are! “Bad Mannering” is 100% against what we are trying to build for our community. Excess pings, all chat bragging, repeat requests to surrender, mastery emotes after a kill, question marks, and ggez are all examples of having bad manners in game. Friendly banter is encouraged but read the room and make sure you're creating a fun environment that everyone can participate in. If you feel someone on your or the opposite team is engaging in poor sportsmanship that negatively affects the community environment, please open a ticket so the moderation team can address it. We will keep your name anonymous and deal with issues on a case by case basis. 

Balancing: To keep the game fun, we reserve the right to enforce light handicaps for any players who are over a 80% WR after week 4. This may include asking players to only choose champions with whom they have less than level 5 mastery on, for example. If a player dips under the 80% WR, they will no longer have a light handicap applied for the following week. Each player will be told in advance of this if they qualify. 

Tribunal: To address infractions to general sportsmanship, and to handle serious concerns as shared by the leadership team, or fellow players, we have implemented a 3 strike system. After the first infraction, the player will receive a typed message with a direct explanation of the infraction. After the second, the division lead will host a restorative conversation with the player 1:1 over voice chat to address the issue at hand. After the third, player will be disinvited to the league season and will be up for a potential server-wide ban. For especially egregious concerns, we reserve the right to expediate this process. 

 If there are any questions on any of the above, please reach out to admin for clarification!