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Dead By Daylight


  • This season is 6 week long. 5 weeks of regular gameplay and a tournament finale. We play each Sunday with groups starting at 8pm CST sharp and play 5 rounds. Every season may not be the same; there may be some surprises thrown at you for some unique and fun gameplay!
  • We ask that you make all 6 weeks of play. However, if you need 1-2 byes maximum, we can accommodate, but ask that you inform us in advance. If you cannot make at least 3 weeks of play, we will ask for you to be a substitute for those who can make it.


  • Each player will play 1 round as killer and 4 rounds as survivor with a total of 5 rounds per player
  • Each group will be formed randomly of 5 players
  • One person in your squad will submit screenshots of the game scores to the comments section of your discord chat. (I recommend you designate somebody before the first match and stay consistent)
  • Player’s scores will be their total blood points earned after all 5 rounds


β˜… All Killers, All Survivors, All Perks.
β˜… Voice Chat

Note: Killer is not permitted to be in VC with survivors during match

β˜… Add-Ons and Items

Survivors: Any Items and Add-Ons
Killers: Any Purple Add-Ons [NO Iridescent Add-Ons]

β˜… Streaming (also highly encouraged!)

Not Allowed:

β˜… Offerings - unless otherwise directed🫒
β˜… Iridescent/Red Add-Ons
β˜… Speaking or call-outs in VC after you die

 Please mute when you die, if this becomes a concern please contact @Code

β˜… Camping

Note: Allowed after all gens are finished to ensure a kill

β˜… Tunneling

This means not chasing the same survivor hooked until death

β˜… Slugging

This means leaving all survivors in the downed state

β˜… Exploiting any bugs
β˜… Point Farming

This includes: healing at exit gates, breaking dull totems during end game, etc.

β˜… Do not Grief, Troll, or Hold the Game Hostage


  • Language should already always be sensitive and appropriate, but you should expect your dialogue in the CMSA Discord server to be observed and possibly broadcast to the general public. This is an adult league, however, so some language is to be expected. If there is ever a concern with this, please reach out to @Code.
  • CMSA leadership may choose to join your games as a spectator and stream them to the CMSA eSports Twitch channel Clips may be made of these streams and posted to social media. By participating in the league, you are giving the CMSA permission to use the media created or provided.
  • The mission of this league is to meet people, make new friends, and have a fun space to play with other LGBTQ+ individuals! Because of this, we are competitive-LITE.